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Top Tips For Teaching Your Child To Swim

(NC) – Swimming lessons for children often begin when they start school, but as the owner of a backard pool, you’ll likely want to start sooner. With your own pool, your child can relax and learn at his or her own pace. Many people successfully teach toddlers or even babies to swim safely on their own – always with adult supervision, of course. Here are some easy steps to teaching your toddler to swim

The basics of teaching a young child to swim are to keep things positive, smile, and speak reassuringly, and be sure to explain what you are about to do at every step. Use a 1-2-3 countdown when starting something new. Hold firmly, so the child senses he or she is safe.

Start with playing on the steps. Give them a toy, and let them get accustomed to the water. Ask them to pretend the water is paint and to cover themselves with their favourite colour. Progress to blowing bubbles with them.