Solar Swim

Take A Holiday At Home, No Passport Required!

(NC) – Now more than ever people are returning to the simple pleasures in life. What could be more relaxing than stepping out your back door into your very own oasis? Whether alone or entertaining family and friends, your backyard can be one of the finest resorts you visit this summer.

Start with a vision based on memories of a favourite holiday location. Plan your backyard space in advance. Identify the areas in your yard that you could make more enjoyable or usable. Maintenance requirements should figure into your plans, as well as accessories such as outdoor furniture, privacy screens, garden urns, lighting, and stones – or consider a water feature, pond, or pathways.

Residential landscaping is not all that different from interior decorating. Once you’ve calculated your space and have a basic plan,. chose colours, and work with light exposure to maximise eye appeal. Brighten a shady spot with light-coloured flowers such as fuchsias or lilies. Fill between these with foliage like ferns, hostas, and calendiums. When planning, consider all the senses. Create screens and fences with small trees or taller plants that provide habitat for songbirds and butterflies – a delightto the eyes and the ears. And consider smell. Pleasant-smelling blossoms add to the ambience of relaxation in your yard. Consider placing these next to windows so the aromas drift indoors as well.

Searching for inspiration? Visit Solar Swim or take a garden tour in your community. The possibilities are endless. With a little forethought, you can have the backyard oasis you’ve always imagined!

– Adapted from News Canada